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Audiophile, Direct to Disk Recording


We do what nobody else does!

One-Mic Blumlein technology, also known as one point recording, impressively demonstrates the advantages of the minimalist recording process of the 1930s.

Alan Blumlein developed this technique with two microphones, which is one of the best-sounding processes.

Deliberately avoiding additional support microphones improves the natural space and creates a more relaxed atmosphere

the record is accurate and honest. Our AEA R88 is the perfect microphone for this task.

* the vintage sessions * - This is what we call our one-mic productions, they can be completely analogue if desired

or recorded digitally. Together we will find the right space for your project.

The premier class, however, is - the one-mic-direct to disc, i.e. from the microphone to analog sound and dynamics

devices to cut directly onto vinyl. The real 1930s experience!

The artist has full control over his presentation.

This means that the sound, balance, dynamics and stereo image are created at the time of creation and not in post-production. It's as honest as possible, including the imperfections

Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 01-32-26 Vinylomat Peter Leuenberger (_vinylomat_edited.jpg

Aufnahmeraum B

photo_2024-02-20 00.08_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 12-59-16 AEA R88 MK2.png
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